Defense Solutions


Today, we have equipment deployed on nearly every class of underwater military system in operation.

Learn more about solutions for the defense industry.

At CTG, we understand that supporting our armed services is a privilege based on trust, and we have been working to earn and keep the trust of the defense industry since 1959.

Our defense solutions are designed specifically to withstand aggressive mission environments and provide unmatched performance under pressure. Today, we have equipment deployed on nearly every class of underwater military system in operation.

Our products offer acoustic positions and navigation solutions for:

  • Acoustic communication links
  • Deck and rackmount transceivers
  • Flexible arrays
  • Forward- and side-looking sonar
  • High-resolution side-scan
  • Homing and docking devices
  • LBL, SBL and SSBL navigation systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Obstacle detecting and tracking sonar
  • Transponders
  • Range systems

In addition, our technologies are essential components for torpedo arrays, distress pingers and missile impact scoring and tracking systems. CTG is an approved vendor for the U.S. Government and we have both CPFF and BOA contracts in place. You can trust CTG products to complete their mission.

Advanced Facilities

Our Santa Barbara manufacturing facility has capabilities for the most sensitive projects. We are deeply familiar with the needs of the military and strive continually to maintain the trust of those who bravely serve our country.

Enhanced Safeguards

Our five business units act as an additional security safeguard since we can take a project from concept to completion within a single manufacturing facility. We make our own materials, components and systems for unparalleled control over the manufacturing process.

Reliable Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, we are as familiar with the defense procurement process as we are with flexible arrays and rackmount receivers. Less time on paperwork means we can help you stay on budget and deadline, while providing the best custom acoustic solutions on the market.


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