Commercial Applications


Our team of world-class engineers and scientists can work with you to analyze the hurdles your project is facing and design custom solutions

Learn more about commercial applications for your business.

From basic piezoelectric components to turnkey oceanographic survey systems and everything in between, CTG can help you meet your toughest challenges. We offer one-stop shopping through our four business units specializing in piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, sonar systems and electro-optics.

We have a long and diverse history serving businesses in the commercial sector. Our piezoelectric ceramics can be found in many commercial fishfinders used by both professional and sporting fishermen. Our electro-optical calibration equipment is used to test and evaluate technologies for weather analysis.

Whether you need 5,000 BaTiO3 striped cylinders or just one deep-water navigation system, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re not sure what you need, our team of world-class engineers and scientists can help you analyze the hurdles your project is facing and custom-design the right solution.

Contact us to learn more about commercial applications for your business. 

Producing Materials

Our Santa Barbara campus boasts a 130,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility. Our Santa Barbara, Calif. and Bolingbrook, Ill. teams are dedicated to constant process improvement so we can continue to provide products of the highest quality.

Integrating Our Expertise

From materials to systems, we have the full range of expertise to take you from concept to completion. Industry-leading scientists and engineers will partner with you to identify the problem and create the solution so you can get the job done.

Delivering Trusted Solutions

Designing and manufacturing custom components and systems is just the beginning. Our testing facilities will expose prototypes to simulated operating conditions and our deployment capabilities will help you seamlessly introduce our products into your project.

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