Our History

Delivering the components of your future since 1959.

On March 10, 1959, a great story of American ingenuity began when two California innovators – R.H. Carlson and Bob Callahan – founded a company focused on producing the highest quality custom piezoelectric ceramics. Channel Industries set up shop in Santa Barbara, CA and quickly became a leader in piezoelectric technology and a trusted source for many businesses. Mr. Carlson remained with the company for more than 50 years and saw it grow from a small business to an internationally-renowned provider of state-of-the-art technology focused in five technology sectors.

In 2015, Channel Technologies acquired MSI (Materials Systems Inc) a leader in custom sonar transducers and arrays. MSI’s piezocomposite technology offers extremely broad bandwidth, high receive sensitivity, high source levels, conformability for curved arrays, and reduced side lobes. The technology has enabled several of the most advanced sonar systems available today.
In 2009, Channel Technologies consolidated CI, ITC and Sonatech into business divisions of a newly formed organization called Channel Technologies Group. The integration yielded a 20 percent decrease in lead time, 75 percent reduction in manufacturing downtime and 50 percent increase in on-time deliveries.
For 10 years, EOI, ITC and Sonatech operated as subsidiaries of Channel Industries until a restructuring in 1983 placed CI, EOI, ITC and Sonatech side-by-side as sister companies under a single parent company called Channel Technologies, Inc.
Channel Industries’ next move toward cementing its position in the acoustics industry came in 1973 with another wholly owned subsidiary, this time specializing in custom sonar systems that could be built around CI piezoelectrics and ITC transducers. The result was Sonatech, which by 1975 had been selected as the principal provider of deep ocean precision acoustic positioning systems to the Strategic Systems Project Office of the United States Navy.
The International Transducer Corporation, or ITC, was started in 1966 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Channel Industries. ITC was the logical next step for CI, since transducers rely heavily on piezoelectric components, an area in which CI was rapidly becoming the gold standard producer. Since its formation, ITC has produced over 5,000 different acoustic transducer designs for medical, industrial, naval and commercial applications.
In 1964, not long after the launch of Channel Industries (CI), Arthur J. Cussen founded and incorporated Electro Optical Industries (EOI), a company committed to developing and manufacturing high quality, state-of-the-art test equipment and calibration instrumentation for optical systems. EOI products and services are used by government and commercial clients alike to calibrate and test systems operating anywhere on the electromagnetic spectrum from 0.1 micron (ultraviolet) to 20 microns (long wave infrared).







Channel Technologies Group is committed to delivering high-quality, custom piezoelectric technologies to the medical, energy, defense and commercial industries. This was true in 1959, and it’s still true today.

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