About Us


Engineering solutions since 1959, CTG has developed unparalleled in-house expertise in piezoelectric materials, transducers, systems and electro-optical calibration and testing equipment.

We design and manufacture piezoelectric materials, transducers, turnkey integrated systems and optical solution technologies that support mission critical applications for military and essential commercial market platforms.

Based in Santa Barbara, Calif. and with a second manufacturing site in Littleton Massachusetts, Channel Technologies Group (CTG) first began manufacturing piezoelectric ceramics in 1959. Since that time, CTG has grown and developed unparalleled in-house expertise, allowing CTG to expand its product offerings to include piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, turnkey sonar systems and electro-optical calibration and testing equipment.

Our products are used in a multitude of applications, and by a wide variety of end-users including medical device manufacturers, marine explorers and energy companies. We also service customers in the defense industry, including several departments of the U.S. Navy and many leading defense contractors.

Through CTG’s extensive in-house expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, our clients receive custom technologies ready to be deployed in the harshest of environments.

Customizing Materials

We’ve earned our sterling reputation by producing quality products and systems for a wide array of industries. Our multiple business units allow us to deliver solutions from concept – the basic idea – all the way to a completed application engineered to our clients’ specific needs.

Identifying Solutions

We’ve worked hard to combine world-class talent with state-of-the-art facilities. This integration ensures that our clients will always have access to our in-house scientific expertise and engineering know-how. Our approach guarantees quality and expediency, demonstrated in our customers’ end products and systems.

Delivering Results

We work hard – and smart – to make sure our clients receive custom solutions that perform as advertised. This approach allows us to provide excellence in service across multiple industries, including defense, energy, commercial and medical.

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